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So often, we take family for granted, gripe about them, have our opinions about our family members, and so forth. But the thing is, family is the entity which keeps you grounded when the world starts spinning too fast. And instead of taking them for granted, we should appreciate them with our whole hearts! Read the full article here!


Advent is a time of hope and light. It had been a special celebration we’d done as a family and community during xmas5Christmas time. It’s a remarkable time about family, community, church and the symbolism of life and wonder of Jesus. Click here to read the entire article!

Probably the greatest memories of past and present are the times when our family members join together – sharing food, song, laughter and memories. There truly is no greater peace for the holidays than giving, sharing, and family. Here are three ways you may be able to invite peace for the holidays! Click here to read the full article!

Seriously, it isn’t pleasant for anyone to have to discuss end ostairsf life details. And that’s probably why so many people don’t do it.  Talking with your loved ones about end of life decisions is an emotional and serious proposition. The benefits of having everything arranged, helping your loved ones, and having the choice to make your own plans far outweighs the uncomfortable conversation that takes place when sharing or having to deal with it. Click here to read more!

In having been a caregiver for my mother for five years, I had learned a thing or two … or three, about avoiding burnout.  Some of the lessons I’d taken away from it had been combined into what I’d coined the 3 F’s. This stands for fit, functional, and focused.   Really, the 3 F’s pretty much summed up all of the tasks to be sure, as a caregiver, to do for yourself and your loved one. Staying fit, being functional, and keeping focused will potentially make the process of giving care to your loved one, a little bit smoother.  Click here to read more!

The weather is changing! 

When I think of things that remind me of my family and traditions, the changing of the seasons from summer to fall is definitely a sweet one! The shift to the fall season excites all of senses and sends my memories reeling. Everyone has their stories, their traditions and these are the kinds of stories everyone should keep alive in creating a family or fall time legacy.  Let all these beautiful experiences be shared with your family and friends and keep them alive! Click here to read more!

Wealth comes in many forms. For me, having a loving, supportive family unit is perhaps the truest of life’s invaluable treasures. The family unit is a lot like a house with a foundation, walls, support and safety.  And any family can be constructed, one brick, one board, one wall at a time.  Click here to read more!

Music has a way to take you places; back to those special moments they’d inspired. This article shares one example of how music had been like a footprint imbedded deep in the soul of our family. Click here to read more!

Tradition is truly an empowering concept.  Traditions teach us many baptism taggedlessons including family values, structure, love and history. Our traditions basically become our code of honor. Be proud and know the value your traditions bring to the current and future generations. Click here to read more!

There are songs which can touch the very heart of the inner spirit; music which inspires faith in all stages of a spiritual life.  One song I appreciate is De Colores.  It’s a brilliant message of spreading light, celestial grace, and combining all shades of color unto the earth as one, created out of the infinite love of the divine. Click here to read more!rooster

Mama loved this song! She enjoyed collecting roosters because of De Colores!