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Books about Family

Flora’s Legacy: Book 1

Latino Music; The Ornament of Life in the Latino Culture    

flora book 

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It all started from a promise. Latino Music is the first in a series inspired by Flora’s Legacy. Flora had been a devoted mother and wife with deep faith, sense of tradition, and value of family. She had asked only one thing on her death bed: to not be forgotten.

Latino Music is an eBook about the family Flora had inspired with her passion, with her history, and with her being. She had loved music and dance and they’d had their place in every aspect of her family’s life.

In reading Latino Music, you are taken on a journey through one family’s rendezvous with traditions and their meaning to the future. In this book, you, too, may find the memories you’d like to pass on to the next generation.


Flora’s Legacy: Book 2

Honoring Our Santos; Traditions and Customs for Remembering Those Who Have Passed   

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This boosantosk isn’t about death … it’s about life. At some point in our lives, each of us wonders what the meaning of life is, why we are here, and what the purpose is. The meaning of life itself begins within us – with what we are made up of in our historical sense, in the way we handle what comes to us in life; in our foundation. And foundation, comes from our history; those before us in our lineage and bloodline.

This eBook discusses ways to honor our Santos though a variety of topics including, Memorial Day and some of the traditional ways to honor our fallen heroes, Novenas which discusses a historical practice of mourning and touches on several other traditions, and Dia de los Muertos which is actually a very old tradition with many interesting facet.

Books about Dementia

Flora’s Legacy: Book 3

My Parent had Dementia: Our Family’s Story from Pre-Illness to Heaven

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As it comes on to ten years since my Mama had passed from the effects of dementia, in her honor I have completed a book about the struggles and triumphs of being a caregiver.  My family — my six siblings and I — took on the role of caregiver willingly, as many people do. There are hard times and good times, blessed times and terrifying times. It is an experience that will change you forever.

caregiver book

And the companion book to help the caregiver:

Taking Care of the Caregiver: Suggestions and Tips in Three Main Areas of the Caregiving Process

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 And on epub, pdf, and more here!


Books about Cooking

Flora’s Legacy: Book 4

Cooking, foodComida de Mi Vida – The Bread of Life: Stories and Dichos Around Food and its Traditions in Our Family!

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In our family and our culture, food represents a lot of things. It’s about family and celebration. It’s about gathering with friends and holidays. It’s about just getting together for no other reason than to eat and enjoy each other’s company. It’s about bringing joy and good times to those who attend and participate.

In this book, I’m going to share several things including stories around food and our family as well as sharing some of Mama’s (and our family’s) simple recipes.

Books about Faith

Flora’s Legacy: Book 5

JesusLent and the Stations of the Cross: Memories and Traditions of How Our Family Celebrated the Holy Holiday of Easter

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Faith had been a solid foundation for me and my family all throughout our lives. My Mama, Flora, had been steeped in tradition and Christian values. And it had never wavered for her.

In this book, I want to take you, the reader, back to a simpler time and share those precious traditions of faith which had been passed down to my family, friends, and fellow parishioners. For us in our home town, during a time when neighbors watched over each other … when the community gathered to cook together and eat together after a thoughtful mass … when a family may be seen as an accumulation of blocks of members and not always simply a household … holidays are more like parties than mere celebrations!

Stations of the CrossA Devotional to the Lenten Stations of the Cross – Via Crucis: A Script Depicting the Living Stations of the Cross in Spanish and in English

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In this devotional, you will find the script for the event of the Via Crucis, The Way of the Cross, which had been used at our Parish. The event had been performed in Spanish though the script has also been translated into English.

Whether seeing the Stations done in a live version or simply using the script for prayer, the words can bring great reflection to the most important aspect of the Christian faith. It’s something that could be felt within a Christian’s heart all year around, not just at Easter time

Books about Other Topics

quotesA Life of Seasons

The eBook is available on Kindle here!

This book of Seasons … of light and love … is a collection of inspirational thoughts and quotes written over the past year and a half of Flora’s Legacy’s existence!

They were inspired from the lessons and joys of life today and from the memories of the traditions of yore.

So whether you are having a good day and want to keep it as long as possible … or are having a tough day and can use a boost, you may find some uplifting thoughts and quotes in this book.

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